Quality Assurance

Quality is a continuous process at Group Surya PEB Engineering & Constructions where effective action is taken to increase efficiency of the engineering process. This means that we are continuously concentrating on improving our own performance to ensure that the client benefit. Our aim is to meet the expectations of clients.
We take a proactive stance towards quality moving beyond Quality Control to provide Quality Assurance, so the client can be confident that their requirements will be met with predictable quality consistently. Our stringent process ensures that high quality standards are reflected as a result of which we could always guarantee utmost satisfaction to the client.

Quality Control :

QC inspection starts with the checking of raw material for compliance with the specifications. The product is inspected at all stages of fabrication for quality of welding and dimensional tolerances. Surface preparation and coatings are also inspected. All inspection records are retained on file for future reference.


Quality Planning :

We are committed to process adherence through process improvement plans. This includes allocating human resources and funds for Products Research and Development, who work to implement good practices and maintain high standards in every project.


Corrective and Preventive Action :

When internal Quality Audits result in non-conformance, corrective action is triggered through corrective and preventive action plans. The effectiveness of all such plans are closely monitored. Customer complaints are recorded and detailed analysis is carried out. Corrective action is implemented with a view towards continual improvement.


Control of Non-conformance :

This involves identifying and recording non-conformance, performing detailed analysis and subsequent resolution of any non-conformance.


Validation and Verification :

Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, reviews and audits are conducted regularly to identify non- conformance and verify compliance.